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Amplitude was a music/rhythm game from the PS2 era. This is a reboot/sequel.

I went into this completely blind, actually helped with the Kickstarter, but since it was Harmonix doing games that don’t require unnecessary peripherals, I was in!

Phantoms! I love Freezepop so much.

Phantoms! I love Freezepop so much.

So far, I’m loving it, but I can barely stay alive on Intermediate difficulty. You take control of this space ship thingy and shoot lasers at the notes flying towards you. Very similar concept to most other music/rhythm games, but it’s the multiple tracks in this game that really set it apart. There are five tracks coming at you that hold the notes you need to hit, and each note is grouped into sections, once you successfully hit all notes in a section, then that track clears for a while and you can jump on to the next track. Really interesting concept, but many times it’s hard to jump directly to the next track, but I suppose that’s just because I suck. Haha.

Now, the campaign is quite interesting. Your ship is entering the brain of a comatose patient, the notes represent neurons or something, and you’re zapping them to restore her cognitive functions. Obviously, gameplay remains the same, but they introduce a section where you need to have a certain score multiplier to get through barriers. And the pressure always gets to me and makes me choke. Oh well.

Select screen.

Select screen.

I haven’t touched the mutiplayer, and I haven’t unlocked the last of the thirty songs yet, but I really think Harmonix has something special here I hope they keep it up. Some DLC would be cool, especially if they could bring in the levels from FreQuency and the original Amplitude, but due to issues I’m sure they’d have with licensing, that’s probably just a pipe dream.

These are some YouTube videos I’ve recorded to show off the game in action. I make commentary and random noises during the videos. I’m not trying to make a career out of being an internet personality or anything, trust me.

Verdict – Buy

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