Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations Review

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360, PS3, XboxOne, PS4, 3DS, WiiU, PC.

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Little Orbit

Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations pays homage to the old style of adventure game, while still keeping it fresh and being accessible to players of all ages. Also, you know, it’s Adventure Time which makes it three times as awesome.

Dance Party!

Dance Party!

Sectioned into five chapters (or rather “graybles” presented by our old pal, Cuber) you play as Finn and Jake completing missions set forth by their parents’ old tickertype machine. With areas including Finn and Jake’s Treehouse, the Fire, Ice, and Candy Kingdoms, Castle Lemongrab, and Lumpy Space Princess’s hobo hideout in the woods.

Gameplay consists of exploration through the various set pieces, collecting items, trying to combine and use them on everything (like a true adventure game), and interacting with the large cast of characters. As this game is intended to be accessible to all ages, none of the puzzles are particularly difficult, but they’re not so panderingly easy that an adult would quickly get bored. Really, this game seems perfect for a parent to play with their kids.

They also included a small, and (thankfully) seldom used combat system which while rather clunky, didn’t diminish the overall experience. It’s some standard hack-and-slash gameplay with a bar charged up with each hit to be expended on joint moves executed with Jake or a special move associated with whichever sword you have equipped at the time. The battles seem impossible to fail, and the only reward for doing well (receiving very little damage) is gold to fill a room in your treehouse. And that gold is purely there for decorative purposes. So when the game asks you if you want to redo the battle, you’re more than welcome to, but there’s really no point. Seriously, you don’t get anything.

Take Finn and Jake out, and this totally matches up!

Take Finn and Jake out, and this totally matches up!

The story is really quite cute, If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll most likely want to see it for yourself. So, to avoid spoilers, I’ll just give some highlights. Kidnapped candy citizens, BMO dressed like a penguin, the Duke of Lemongrab screaming that things are unacceptable, and using dog farts to protect Flame Princess. And did I mention that every character is voiced by the proper actors? Yeah, it’s totally math.

The DLC:

I just love it.

I just love it.

Only one DLC pack currently exists, and unfortunately, I believe it will stay that way. Artifact Checking starring Marceline the Vampire Queen takes the same mechanics (excluding battle mechanics) and brings a whole new protagonist visiting completely separate locations from the main game. (Such as The Box Kingdom and Wildberry Kingdom). Taking place at the same time as the fourth mission of the main story, Marceline is assisting Finn and Jake in her own way, with her own powers. From drinking red, levitation, and shapeshifting, she is a very faithful adaptation of the character, and quite frankly, I feel her portion is better than the main game.

Seriously, LSP galore, more Magic Man, and meat-fruit. It’s hard to get more entertaining than that.

The game is pretty cheap used now, and while five dollars for the DLC is rather steep, I feel the price is totally justified. Doesn’t matter if you’re an adult fan or your kids love the show, this game I highly recommend. If you aren’t a fan of Adventure Time, however, you will likely still have some fun with it, but without background and context, your enjoyment may be lessened.

Verdict – Buy

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