About the show

EZ-Mode Unlocked opened its digital doors in January of 2009, already boasting a close-knit community of gamers who first connected with each other in the forums of another popular podcast of the time, Video Game Outsiders. EZ-Mode was originally a community show for VGO hosted by forum members Dana, Treeslounge00, and FrankLloydWrong. They eventually decided to expand into a full podcast and, respecting the wishes of the VGO hosts, created a separate community. The rest, as they say, is history. Dana, Trees, and RobTurboGA led the new podcast EZ-Mode Unlocked for 300 amazing, time traveling episodes. Over the years EZ-mode’s family grew and continued to grow closer as a community. When the hosts announced their podcast retirement, the community banded together to create a new show aiming to keep the EZMU online family together.

The name Future Monkeys references the EZMU tradition of talking about games from the past, present, and future. When host RobTurboGA was away, the normal soundboard was unavailable; however Dana and Trees made do. They filled the ears of listeners with sounds of monkeys from the past, present and future (lasers may have been involved).

Future Monkeys is dedicated to our fallen EZMU brother TechieQ, who for years bravely fought cancer before succumbing to the disease in April of 2015. TechieQ was an amazing person: courageous, kind, and gentle to a fault. We are honored to have known him. Rest in peace.

Current hosts

BatLos Monkey

About Los

I’m a 30-something, happily married husband and a proud father to 2 boys. I’ve been gaming for most of my life and try to make time for it even when there’s no time to make. I love action and open world games, as long as they don’t require 3 years of my time to complete. I’m a complete sucker for settings in space, and underwater. Find myself drawn to FPS’s, absolutely adore LEGO games, will ALWAYS be a lover of Disney Infinity, and have a 3-way marriage with my wife and Destiny.

When I’m not with my fam or have a controller in my hand, I’m putting my past skills as a cook to use on my food blog, The Man, The Chef, The Dad. I try to keep it up to date with recipes, family travels, and other things I’m interested in. I recently went into LifeStop and traded in a house in the country of North Carolina for a house in the middle of Orlando, FL. There were no trade in bonuses and we got jipped on space, but we make up for it in having an amazing city to call home and being closer to family.


PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Vita


Best way to get in contact with me and where I can usually be found is on Twitter and on Instagram as The1llusiveMan.

If you’d like to pretend to play games with me:

PS4: Los_33x
Xbox: xThe1llusiveMan
Wii U: PapaLos
3DS: 3669-0556-6181

Beardy McWhiskey Monkey

About Beardy

I am an early 30’s former punk sellout who couldn’t be happier.  I’ve traded in my Mohawk for a house in the Chicago suburbs where I’ve lived my whole life.   I have an amazing wife, MrsMcWhiskey, and an awesomely funny daughter.  When I’m not working, I’m generally finding a new project to work on around the house or looking for a new recipe to cook up.

In terms of games, give me all the bright, shiny, and happy things!  If it’s cutesy and fun I’m in.  I used to play Ocarina of Time so much as a kid that I would see the levels when I would close my eyes to go to sleep.  I don’t do horror well however, Alan Wake is one of my favorite games of all time.  There is always an exception to the rule.

I also enjoy my fair share of television shows and movies.  Usually anything that is funny or has a lot of action.  I’m a firm believer that Shoot ‘Em Up is one of the most underrated movies of all time.


PC (suuuuper old), XBox One, PS4, Vita, 3ds, and Wii U


You can catch me on Twitter and Instagram as BeardyMcWhiskey

If you’re down to game:

PSN: BeardyMcWhiskey
Xbox: BeardyMcWhiskey
Steam: BeardyMcWhiskey
Wii U: BeardyMcW (stupid low character cap)
3DS: 3136-6906-7499

Skari Monkey

About Skari

I hail currently from Oklahoma, but no, I still haven’t seen the musical. I’m originally from Idaho, and I’ve lived in California and Texas as well! I hate moving, and yet seem to all the time! Now that I’m settled down with my husband, EZ-Mode Unlocked alumni Klaitu, I plan to put down roots here for the rest of my life.

My gaming habits of choice include open world games such as Skyrim and Fallout, horror titles that include Alan Wake and Silent Hill, and creepy indie titles like The Cat Lady and Analogue: A Hate Story. I go to game for the story, or to immerse myself into the world.

When I’m not gaming, you can find me reading a lot of horror genre books, watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or hiding behind my knitting while I watch horror movies.


PC, XBONE, PS3, and 3DS


Catch me pretty much everywhere as SkariJay, including Twitter and G+ .

If you’d like to game with me:

Steam: SkariJay
XBox: SkariJay

Past hosts

Annie Monkey

About Annie

I’m a 29-year-old child-at-heart hailing from Ohio. My current gaming habit consists primarily of RPGs and JRPGs, although any game with a compelling story will get my attention. I am a self-admitted podcast addict as well as a voracious reader–I never leave home without a book or my kindle! Things I love include but are not limited to: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, The Closer, anime, fiddling with my Android phone, Labrador Retrievers, singing in my choir, and working with children.

I first connected with the individuals who would later form EZ-Mode unlocked in 2005 through the Video Game Outsiders forum. I followed them to EZMU and never looked back!


PS4, Vita, 3DS, and PC


You can find me on Twitter as AnnieDayNow. Let me know you are from Future Monkeys and I will add you!

If you’d like to game with me:
PS4: AnnieDayNow

Vos Monkey

About Vos

I’m 24, androgynous, male-bodied, gay, vegan, pseudo-hipster, and a crazy-cat-lady. I also enjoy games. Other interests include not leaving the house, sleeping, not using most social media sites, music (Ingrid Michaelson, Daphne Willis, Dessa, Bjork), television (Daria, My Little Pony, Bob’s Burgers, anything with Melissa McCarthy in it), and comic books (primarily DC heroines, comics based on Frederator cartoons, and My Little Pony of course!).


PS3/PS4, 360, DS, PSP, Vita TV, Wii/WiiU, iPad, and PC.


You can find me here, usually in the live chat for GamingHistory101 on AllGames.com, and also on Twitter as PrincessVos.

If you’d like to game with me:
PS4: PickleCheese
WiiU: Vos555
Steam: Vos555

Jen Monkey

About Jen

Nobody is quite sure where I go or what I do all day, but I always show up when the snacks come out. I’m a highly animated female person who has a tendency to derp in social situations. I live in solitude in Columbus, OH with my extensive collection of makeup, anime, and video games.
On the gaming front, I will play almost anything once, unless it’s a military shooter (i.e., Call of Duty) or a sports game. If I had to pick a favorite genre, I would probably go for RPG’s. And Terraria. No, that’s not a genre, but I find it all-consuming.
Apart from gaming, I enjoy craft beer, aromatherapy and the creation of DIY bath products, and reading (mostly fantasy novels). I’ve been known to enjoy My Little Pony, and have been coerced into watching Dr. Who, which I am finding surprisingly enjoyable.


PC, PS4, PS3, WiiU, 3DS and Vita.


You can find me on Twitter as izzlemoxle.

If you’d like to game with me:

PS4: izzlemoxle
WiiU: izzlemoxle.2
3DS: 3909-8907-0939

Everyone Else


About Ve6a5

Ve6a5 is the super secret, amazing, talented, dedicated, and charming behind the scenes monkey. He’s like the Plum to our Bravest Warriors. (+50 points to Gryffindor if you get that reference.) He works behind the scenes being all kinds of mysterious, keeping this site and the show afloat! Without him, these monkeys would have no time machine! No lasers! NO GAMES! We shall keep his personal info as hush-hush as he feels comfortable with, but he’s such an important part of this group that he gets his own special place on our page! (That he made! It’s only fair!)

All the looooooooooooove to Ve6a5!

Guest Hosts:

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Trees – Episode 8
Ve6a5 – Episode 12
JoeSTATE, Ben & Chase – Thanksgiving Communitycast 2015
Klaitu – Episode 20
Fred Rojas, Vos & Awakened Heathen – New Years 2016 Communitycast
RobTurbo, Dana & Trees – Episode 22
Ve6a5 – Episode 28
Klaitu – Episode 30
Vos – Episode 31
Klaitu – Episode 32
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Klaitu – Episode 44


Community Contributors:

Steve N.G.